Lyrical chris

Fast becoming known as Hip-Hop’s “Grandchild” as he ushers in a new generation of Hip-Hop music after 50 years of Hip Hop, Lyrical Chris is an artist who is increasingly becoming hard to ignore. Hailing from Tifton, Georgia but now based in Jacksonville, Lyrical Chris’s music straddles the line between mid and uptempo Hip Hop vibes that’s certified non-explicit. Welcome to “5D Rap,” the next generation of Hip Hop!




While he’s only been on the scene for over a year, Lyrical Chris has been busy crafting a strong discography that has seen him land chart placements on Billboard and in the top 20 iTunes Hip-Hop Charts, and regular rotation across 4,000 gyms across the USA. He has three singles out on his imprint, iSoulated, plus a notable inclusion on a compilation release for Amada Records (Hip Hop Chronicles). His forthcoming album, ‘Prewrite’ is scheduled for release summer 2024, with further details to follow.



Lyrical Chris was born and raised in Unionville, the urban area of Tifton. Growing up in an area rife with crime and violence forced Chris to sharpen his street smarts quickly. He cites the area as having a pivotal influence on his direction and on himself as a person – stating that Unionville “influenced me to be the best version of myself.” The memories and observations of Unionville heavily play into many of the themes of his tracks, while also helping him solidify his path early.


What people are saying about Lyrical Chris:

An amazing artist. He ain't named Lyrical Chris for no reason, lyrics are fire and are always on point. He's always been an inpiration to his community.
Lovelt T.
"Produces songs with fantastic lyrics. A distinct musician who is passionate about his craft."
Andrew C.
"He's an amazing artist; I adore his style, and I hope to see him in prominent roles someday."
Ralph j.